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100. And the award goes to ...

This is a very special episode for three reasons:
▸ First of all, it's our 100th.
▸ Then its the first that we have video-taped in front of a live audience.
▸ And lastly, it's special because we received an award.
What award that is and how to translate the respective terminology into English is our topic for this RoPeCast.

We also want to thank our listeners new and old for subscribing to us and following our show in the last years! And of course, stay tuned for more ...

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99. More time comes along ... or around?

Again, Roger and Peter are looking into metaphors for time. Peter noticed that time is not always money in the English language and together they try to put things into frame for you.

And more questions arise out of this ... Is time linear?
No, this is not about physics - it's culture, really, and economy!

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98. Living on borrowed ideas

Do you know what a metaphor is?

And if you do, do you know how important a role metaphors play in everyday language?

They are really worth investing some time into: If you know the central metaphors of a culture and language, a lot of words and phrases revolving around those central concepts can be logically explained and then memorised a lot more easily!

Listen as Roger and Peter share some insights about metaphors in language.

This Wikipedia article explains the metaphor in detail.

This site gives you a very brief overview about "Metaphors we live by", the book that inspired this episode.

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97. Training the New Learner

No, this is not about Karl Marx! Instead we are thinking about how teaching and learning can be more effective and more fun for both the teacher and the student.

Based on what we read in "The gardener and the carpenter" we conclude this double episode with thoughts on how things need to change for and between teachers and learners.

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ropecast — 20.01.17, 12:00:00

96. Of teachers and coursebooks

One of Roger's book recommendations "The Gardener and the Carpenter" was picked up by Peter recently and so the two start thinking about a language teacher's gardening and woodworking - figuratively speaking.

And so Roger recounts some experiences with English teachers he visited at school and tells us what he thinks made a great language class.

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