ropecast — 19.02.18, 12:00:00

119. Our gender issue

This time Roger invited Heike, an expert for gender studies. She is going to explain to us, how the term gender evolved from a mere grammatical phenomenon to what may very well be the most discussed topic of social and linguistic sciences in the last decades.

We'll hear about many facets: From the influential heads that started the discussion up to the current situation and influences on our everyday life.

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ropecast — 06.01.18, 14:21:24

118. A Jazzy New Year!

Peter is back in jazzy 2018 for another episode with Saul Rubin, his guitar teacher from New York.

Today Peter asks about the jargon of Jazz music and how that differs from other styles' vocabulary. Talking about music is not an easy task afterall.

Finally, Saul can solve the mystery of the Real Book's name for Peter. Just listen in to learn how that name came about and why you could be faking a song if you play it from the Real Book.

Please note: We recommend watching this episode as vidcast. See the YouTube link on the right.

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ropecast — 12.12.17, 12:00:00

117. A special guitar

You probably remember our Christmas specials about holiday traditions and music from the past years.

This December we thought we'd make music our topic again (this time as a regular episode) with a focus on some music vocabulary.

Peter's guest today is Saul Rubin, a renowned Jazz guitar player from New York. Saul tells Peter about the special feature of his guitar.

Please note: We recommend watching this episode as vidcast. See the YouTube link on the right.

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ropecast — 21.11.17, 12:00:00

116. Of excellence, elite and eminences

Roger and Neil continue their discussion of the "Teaching Excellence Framework" that has been established in England and Wales to judge the quality of teaching in higher education.

Neil illustrates how increasing competition between education institutions can turn out rather problematic, and Roger adds how he thinks it unlikely that something similar could be established in Germany.

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ropecast — 06.11.17, 12:00:00

115. Measuring university

Roger is talking to his brother Neil, who's back for another episode.

This time they look into ways of measuring the quality of university teaching, the approach taken in the UK and potential problems affecting the "measuring process".

Can the results of such an inquiry really be unbiased?

The TEF project
Read up here on the TEF, the "Teaching Excellence Framework" currently being established in the UK

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