ropecast — 01.05.17, 12:00:00

103. The problem with soccer

Roger received some feedback by other native speakers concerning his usage of the word soccer: They sad he wasn't using proper English (as in British) English there.

But Roger being the experienced linguist did some thorough research on the topic and is now sharing the insights he gained...

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ropecast — 17.04.17, 12:00:00

102. The problem with dictionaries

This episode's title refers to a remark that Roger made in episode 100. Today our two hosts are elaborating on why using dictionaries can be problematic and what exactly Roger had in mind. Of course, they will also let you know how to avoid the worst trouble.

13. More than words
This is the first episode in an earlier mini-series, where we recommended a range of learners' dictionaries. Look back here for some recommendations on what to buy.

LDOCE online
The free online version of a well-known British learners' dictionary.

An American mono-lingual dictionary with a lot of additional information.

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ropecast — 31.03.17, 18:00:00

101. One-oh-one 101

No, we have not switched to binary language, and April the 1st is only tomorrow.

This is really all about the meaning of the number 101. Our 101st episode is all dealing with its rather peculiar ordinal. And it can mean quite different things, depending on its cultural background.

Read up on the novel mentioned and learn about its even wider influence on language and media.

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ropecast — 14.03.17, 12:00:00

100. And the award goes to ...

This is a very special episode for three reasons:
▸ First of all, it's our 100th.
▸ Then its the first that we have video-taped in front of a live audience.
▸ And lastly, it's special because we received an award.
What award that is and how to translate the respective terminology into English is our topic for this RoPeCast.

We also want to thank our listeners new and old for subscribing to us and following our show in the last years! And of course, stay tuned for more ...

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ropecast — 03.03.17, 12:00:00

99. More time comes along ... or around?

Again, Roger and Peter are looking into metaphors for time. Peter noticed that time is not always money in the English language and together they try to put things into frame for you.

And more questions arise out of this ... Is time linear?
No, this is not about physics - it's culture, really, and economy!

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