50. Challenging Symbolic Celebration

The popular American author Dan Brown is always good at combining mysterious numbers with even more mysterious symbols into puzzling plots.

We try something similar for a special occasion. But instead of leaving you puzzled you will have the opportunity to take part in a little challenge. All you have to work out is a simple number! At the same time you’ll get to know some important symbols of English speaking areas all around the globe.

Are you up for our heavily symbolic celebration? Will you find the Lost Number? If you do make sure to leave us a comment including your e-mail address.

Dan Brown's Lost Symbol
An article about one of Dan Brown's books that the teaser text alludes to. If you like a thrilling read this is another possibility to practise your English!

Today's History Lesson
The "War of the Roses" was an important period in English history. If you are interested this article will complement one part of our episode with many historic details.

Advertising Animals
Have a look at this short commercial in case you didn't believe that gazelles do play Rugby against flightless birds.

Icons of Englishness
Here you can get to know many more symbols - or icons as they are called here - that stand for England in particular or the UK in general. Many interesting things to discover!

U.S. State Insignia
The episode left you wondering what the national dinosaur of Texas is? Read up here and find out about it.

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