51. Rebuilding a Nation

Puerto Rico isn’t the only region that people argue should be counted towards the United States. Episode 51 tells you about the 51st state and several more. We place the Liberty State, Euphoria and Calisota on your map of the US.

Never heard of them? You need to change that … now!

More states
Here is the list that this episode was based on.

More counties
Not only the United States are larger than commonly assumed. There's also more to Britain than meets the bird's eye! Read about new frontiers on the British Isles and uncharted territory in other parts of the world.

An article on the state and its history

Gotham City
Find information about the capital of the famous state.

"Changing Places" in Euphoria
Are you familiar with David Lodge? Read about one of his works in this review.

Liberty City
An extensive article on the famous racing venue.

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