57. The nuts and bolts

Most of you will know what a screwdriver is. – But have you got any idea what rawlplugs are, or about a Phillips, or a POZIdrive screw?

If you ever wondered what the proper names for tools and hardware are, we’ll help you out with this nuts and bolts episode on tools. If you are a handy person this podcast will come in handy, too!

John Joseph Rawling
Read about the inventor of the rawlplug and watch a little animation to illustrate how it works.

Types of screws
This Wikipedia article lists many many different types of screw drives, not just the three mentioned in our podcast.

In this article you find a detailed history of the screwdriver and its alternatives.

There are almost as many types of drills as there are for screws.

Yard stick
And finally, a little complement for our chapter on measuring tools.

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