70. Prep. talk?

In this episode Roger and Peter discuss the difficulties of learning and teaching prepositions in English. They talk about the logic and concepts behind this - or the lack thereof.

This episode is the last of our legacy episodes. Well, that's not completely correct. Episode #70 may be old but it has never been published. When it was ready back in 2014 we couldn't broadcast it, because our old blog software wasn't working anymore by then.

So, #70 is actually the first in a row of episodes that remained unaired for those technical reasons which eventually lead to a prolonged period of silence. But as you can see, we never really were silent, we just couldn't be heard. This is why we call this period "The Lost Season".

But we're back now and have decided to publish all episodes of "The Lost Season" in the weeks to come. - Enjoy and stay tuned!

Originally planned to air in Apr 2014

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