88. Of bridges, temples and other follies

And we're back with more insights on English gardens. Roger and his guest Peter (again not our host of the same name), continue looking at what makes a park and garden typically English. This time they talk about the later elements of the typical English landscape garden, leading to the reintroduction of formal elements in the Victorian age.

William Hogarth: "The family of George II
The description of this painting (showing a royal garden scence) references the quote Roger mentions: "the appearance of beautiful nature" from a letter from the same period. The text also mentions some influential gardens, and some statements about this - back then - "new" style of gardens.

The web presence of one of the big gardens mentioned in this episode

Kew Gardens
The second garden that is referenced in the course of this episode

The Lost Gardens of Heligan
Heligan is the Cornish word for 'willow' and this is the third influential garden mentioned.

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