90. Fantastic reads

This year - instead of broadcasting one long Christmas special - we decided to produce a special mini-series dealing with book recommendations that could inspire some of your Christmas shopping. In each episode we will pick out one particular genre of novels. This time we're looking into fantasy stories. Our guest is Christoph Klein, who brings along some good (or should we say fantastic) reads.

And if you can recommend more English fantasy novels, let us all know below in a comment!

Tim Burton: The Nightmare before Christmas
Burton's famous stop-motion movie turned into a learner-friendly reader with reduced vocabulary (600 headwords) and an accompanying audio version of the book on CD.

C. S. Lewis: The Chronicles of Narnia
A series of seven books, loosely tied together, telling the story of several children's great adventures in a parallel world called Narnia.

J. K. Rowling: Harry Potter
We don't need to explain much about this modern classic, seven-book series. Go ahead and read the original, especially, if you've only seen the movies so far. There's so much more to discover in this fantastic world.

Ben Aaronovitch: Rivers of London
A series of fantasy stories as well as detective novels. Peter Grant is a junior police officer in London when he realises he's got a special talent. And soon he finds himself with a new superior, a detective chief inspector and wizard, investigating supernatural crime in the London area and brokering treaties with river gods.

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