92. Thrilling non-fiction

We're back already - as promised - with the third installment of pre-Christmas book recommendations for your personal wish- or shopping-lists.

Roger is back with some really interesting non-fiction works, and of course Peter has one to add from his shelf.

Bruce Springsteen: Born to Run
The autobiography of the Boss. "'nuff said!"

Daniel Kahneman: Thinking, fast and slow
A nobel prize winner's insights on how our brain works.

Karen Joy Fowler: We are all completely beside ourselves
A novel about a family and a mysterious disappearance. But all based on fact and a good read to think about what's going on in science nowadays.

Alison Gopnik: The gardener and the carpenter
A book about parenting, what to do and what not to. Our question to be discussed in another episode: Does this have implications for language learning?

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