93. Not always comical

This episode concludes our pre-Christmas series of book recommendations with comics respectively graphic novels. Peter has brought a selection of his favourites:

Alan Moore & Dave Gibbons: Watchmen
A group of somewhat different superheroes has to deal with a murder case at the brink of World War III.

David Small: Stitches
The son of an X-ray doctor looses a vocal chord and his voice to cancer.

Allison Bechtel: Fun home
An autobiographical story of a homosexual coming-out.

Joyce Farmer: Special exits
The last four years of an elderly couple and how their daughter copes with her aging parents' peculiarities.

Craig Thompson: Blankets
The coming of age story of a boy, his first love and the ensuing problems with his devout Christian parents.

G. B. Trudeau: The Doonesbury Chronicles
The first collection of a famous American newspaper comic strip

G. B. Trudeau: Planet Doonesbury
An edition of later comics from the same series, with a very special advertisement on its front cover, that Peter reads out in the episode.

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