What is RoPeCast?

Are you an advanced learner of English? Really advanced?
Then these podcasts are for you.

They offer challenging listening opportunities and cover a whole range of fascinating topics to do with the English language, aspects of culture, learning tips, travel, and many more.
And being enhanced podcasts, they provide pictures, additional information, and useful links.

Tune in and get hooked!

What is a podcast?
Read about podcasting in English or German at Wikipedia.

Juice is an open-source cross-platform multilingual tool for podcast subscription (podcatcher), that you can use to subscribe and listen to RoPeCast. Simply copy and paste one of the subscription links' URL from above into your podcatcher.

iTunes is a proprietary software tool distributed for free by Apple Inc. that supports subscription to podcasts and can be used to display enhanced podcasts on your computer, without using an iPod. Only Mac and Windows computers are supported.

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