129. Of Tremendous Trump and Opportunity Obama

These days it seems everybody is talking about the impeachment process and party politics in the US.

We are taking a big step back to look differently at the picture and approach two American presidents from an entirely different angle. Roger has read articles and done some of his own research on their linguistic peculiarities: How do they speak and act and what words do they use?

Chris, who's today's guest in the studio, is quite surprised about the linguistic evidence, and maybe so are you ..? Listen in!

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128. Of different perspectives on cultures

Ginny is back in the studio, but this time with Peter. He's presenting his personal take on the differences between German or European and US culture to her.

Their views on things turn out to be rather contrary, particularly when it comes to boundaries and the attitude towards enclosed spaces in the two cultures.

Listen in now to learn from a lively illustrated example how the same aspect of a culture can appear totally different and only depend on your personal perspective and stance towards it.

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127. A journey to the centre of the universe

Why not join Roger and his colleague Ginny on a journey to the centre of the universe?

Ginny shares her impressions of what it's like when you first come to China as a westerner, when English eventually fails as lingua franca and so does standard Chinese, i.e. Mandarin.

But not to despair, people who live in the centre of the universe will know what you need. It's food and always food in China.

That much at least they do have in common with the Saarlanders producing this podcast! ;-)

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126. Of eastern people in the west

Some time back we dealt with English as a lingua franca. Today we are revisiting that topic with a narrower focus: Chinese students are travelling the world and attending western universities, in America, Britain and also Germany.

Today's guest is Roger's friend and former colleague Ginny, who lived and worked in China for a while. She provides insights on where exactly the cultural similarities and differences lie, and how you can make Chinese people and particularly Chinese students feel welcome in your country, not only by using English as a lingua franca.

Filial piety
Read up on the concept of reverence towards your elders as it is established in China and other East-Asian countries.

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125. Of leaving unions and the "backstop"

Roger's explanation of the finer points of the current Brexit situation continues.

Today Peter will get an answer to his question from last episode: He'll finally get to know what the so-called "backstop" is actually about and why so many Brits consider it problematic.

Now the RoPeCast team is holding their breath for tomorrow's parliamentary decision.

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